Monday, June 05, 2006

So yesterday I was at my sons commencement and one of the address bothered me a little because it revolved around how much more money they can make with a college education. Now let me first of all say I understand the importance of higher education and have recently returned to college myself to acquire a degree but not for financial reasons. I returned to better equip myself to work in a ministry role. No big money ideas just wanting to try and make the world a little better place for each of us to live. Think of what type a world we would be living in if we talked more about this with today's youth than making more money, I think we would definitely see a better world. I know there are a lot of people who hear this and think, great another dreamer who thinks the world should be full of love and puppy dogs and all that cute stuff and has no idea what happens in the real world. Well I do understand what happens in the real world and know that by myself cannot change it but if I can make a few lives a little better and those individuals make a few lives better we as a collection of humans can make the world a better place. Well enough for now. Peace and see ya

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