Monday, June 25, 2007

Why does God put things on are heart and in are soul and then allow other people block us when we try to use them. what I mean by this is a few years ago I felt Gods call in my life to make Ministry my passion and since then have taken steps to start on getting a degree to appease those who say if you do not have a degree you will never get a job in Ministry. I listened to these people and have twice been past over when opportunities came up at my own church to fill a ministry position always hearing how I had to have 4 years of schooling before I would even be considered. I also want to say at this time it is not everyone who says this but a small group that some how has the ability to influence almost all of the selection committee. I am not even talking about and ordained position, I mainly am talking about the position of Youth Director which I have been working as a volunteer in for the past 7 years and in other setting for about 15 years. My big problem with this is that so much focus is being put on education and not on experience and the ability to relate to people and it seems that the Church some where along the line has decided that we all need to be Theologians and have Doctorates in religion to be able to minister to each other. So what to do now, I guess I will just have to rely on faith and continue to love those around me and show them grace and tolerance, and that you do not learn in any school.