Friday, September 19, 2008

feeling good

So it's been two weeks since starting my new job with State Farm and things have been great so far. I have learned so much in a short time and it feels good to actually be doing something and engaging my brain. For the last 5 plus years I felt so stressed about work and the stability of my job and all the stuff going on in the work place that I was always tired, irritable and had so much tension from the stress in my neck and shoulders that sleeping was difficult. Now I wake up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep and look forward to a new day. I know this job will have its stress to but I am sure it will be much better and that is what I have been looking for in life. God has truly been good to me and my family in blessing me with my new job and all the other things going on in my life even though at times I wondered what the heck was going on and why I was going through so much stuff that seemed to all keep piling up on one bad thing after another. Now I see that there was a reason for all that stuff and I am stronger for it and ready for the challenges that all the change has brought and know that God will see my family and I through all that is in the future. Grace, Love and Mercy to all and God bless. One last thing in the process of having time off I finally did do something I have wanted to do for a long time I got a tattoo. I will post a picture of it soon.