Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have finally taken time to make another post and cannot believe it has been since September that I have put anything up here. So much has been going on with getting the youth ministry started and planning programs and getting to know the kids and their families it seems like everyday has something planned besides my regular job and school. All in all things are going pretty good though and the new wing is about completed at the Church and everyone is ready for that because it means we will have the space we need to conduct all the programs we need to do. These last few months have really given me a chance to look back on how God has truly blessed me and my family even with the surgeries and motorcycle accidents we have a pretty good life and need to be a little more appreciative of what we have, One last thing anyone who reads this please keep those being affected by the fires in California in your prayers I cannot imagine one what it is like to loose everything but just waiting for it to happen and knowing there is nothing that can be done must be even worse. That is some beautiful area out there and now do to what appears to be the lack any decency of one person setting this thing off thousands of acres of Gods creation are destroyed or in jeopardy.