Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why is turning it over so hard for me?

I truly want to turn all things over to God and realize my life would be so much easier If I just let Him lead me through it and listen to His direction. I let know many things that are going on in my life like new job, frustrations with son, and all the other stuff that has been going ruin the good stuff for me. This morning looked at my life and saw all the things that had been bothering me; wife's health and surgery recovery, new office opening, sons being a pain, car problems, A/C going out, and school and thought this is to much. After reviewing things things and praying my view changed to this; Wife is healing, the office is doing okay, I cannot change my son, car and A/C fixed. Now I can concentrate of the good things in life like God helping through all the stuff above and look at the blessings he gives me everyday.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A few observations of what I overheard

This past Monday night I was in the ER with my wife and overheard a few things that just made me think about the world we live in. when we first arrived there was an older lady in the bed next to her who seemed be be longing for attention every couple of minute she was calling for the nurse. at first she was a little annoying but as I thought more about it, all she wanted was a little attention and maybe this was the only time she was getting any in life. On the other side was something more disturbing, a young lady who had been in a car accident. Now at first it seemed like just any other accident you may overhear someone talking about but then things changed. the doctor came in and asked the other person there to leave and then let her have it because her blood and urine work showed signs of amphetamines, opiates, and marijuana. He sternly explained to her how he felt about this and how she had not only pt her own life at risk but the lives of all others on the road at risk. He then went on to explain that if it was not for confidentiality reasons he would turn her into the police on the spot. Net there was and elderly lady who was there for various health reasons and was all alone and the issue of her roommates who where young people may be neglecting or abusing her was being addressed. Now I know it may sound like I was being nosy and eavesdropping but my was was pretty much out of it with the pain killers they had given her and only a curtain separates you and the others so it was almost impossible not to hear what was going on. The thing that bothered me most about this is who reached out to these people after they left did the lonely lady find someone to listen, did the accident with drug problems seek help, and did the elderly lady get the care and safe place to stay she needs. I know what I did was say a prayer for each of these people but should of I did more, could of I did more? My final thought is I did what I could and put them in Gods hand and there more can be done for them than I could ever do, now I just pray they let Him help. Oh and by the way my wife is fine.