Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So it has been awhile since I put anything up here which means things have either been really busy, boring or I have been lazy and it is probably the latter. Things have really been pretty good lately just going through the same day to day problems but I have realized that we all have problems and it is just not a Kent thing but that's just a part of life thing and how we choose to handle them is what makes the difference. Since my last post a lot has happened though, another friend moved away and our new youth pastors family was in a wreck while moving to Lafayette from Alabama. Craig moving was hard and I will really miss him and his family but Jim our new Senior Pastor seems to be a good person and a great fit to our Church family who will continue what Craig started and lead us forward. On the subject of the new guy I have had this strange feeling or should I say emotion since we have been using "the wheel of emotions" as our sermon plan. The feeling I have had is one of not being loyal to Craig by accepting Jim so quick kind of like I am betraying him or something but I know that is just crazy and that he would want us to move on but I just feel funny about it. On to Jeff and his family, luckily they are fine except for a couple of broken collar bones and bruises but things could of been a lot worse but they found out real quick how much they can count on us as a new Church family and I think as a group we did a pretty good job. The rest of my life has been pretty good just getting ready for the mission trip and dealing with life's daily bumps in the road. Regarding the mission trip things are coming together and I think the team members who are lagging a little behind will be fine and hopefully the veterans will pick them up and carry them a little to get them up to speed and make this a great experience for all. So enough for now, peace and blessings to all.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

So once again here I sit frustrated and fed up with people around me and wish I could just let the feeling go. Why do people have to be so hurtful and negative wanting to see people hurt because they feel they have been hurt and to me this just does not make since. I understand that when someone is hurting us or taking advantage of us either for real or in our minds that we want to defend ourselves but to wish harm or tragedy to them is just wrong. Everyday I hear the talk so and so did this, this person is stupid, I cannot believe this person acts that way. Gossip runs wild everywhere around me and I do not like it and it drags me down to a point where I no longer want to be here but cannot leave because I have responsibilities to my family. What can I do to change things? I do not know I have tried being positive and it does not seem to work, I have tried just ignoring people and staying away from the gossip talk but cannot always do that and when I do I am considered rude and unfriendly but if only they new how friendly was being by holding back my true feelings. Ah my true feelings if they ever came out would just drop everyone to the floor, all the frustration and penned up crap inside of me would rush over them like a rogue wave capsizing there little boat of life. So you may ask why don't I just do that why don't I just let it fly? Well because I choose not to be a hurtful person but instead just keep it to myself and my writings. This may be wrong but it's how I deal with it but for how much longer I do not know. So enough for now this has gotten to long already and has turned into some kind of psych man ramble so until later. Peace

Friday, June 09, 2006

Where is the good news. I have an idea and maybe I should send it to the major networks and local news channels, it is a real simple idea a day where we only report the postitive and good in the world. Now some may say there would be nothing to report but I believe there would be. Think of it a day full of stories about good being done, people helping one another out, lives being changed for the good not destroyed by the bad and a world trying to live in peace. So take from this what you will chances are no one will ever read this or do anything about it but wouldn't be nice and isn't it nice to dream.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

On my way to work this morning I started thinking about how I view my life and the things around me, one of the main ones being how do I let things I cannot control control my feelings making me think things are worse than they really are. Really when I stop to think about it I have it pretty good and here are a few examples. I woke up this morning in a comfortable bed in a nice home and was greeted by a beautiful morning outside, I took a nice long shower and put on a fresh set of clothes and then drove my air conditioned car to my job. So really how bad is my life besides theses material things I have a wonderful, beautiful and amazing wife a son that even though can be annoying (guess where that comes from) is a good person and makes me proud to be his father and a loving dog and cat that love us no matter what. So with having all these things how can I feel down and depressed God has truly blessed me with so much, more than I can ever list I mean I could go on forever if I listed all the things that have happened to me in life that have been gifts from Him. So here comes my answer for the depression or worry I feel,The world. The world tells us that we need more if we do not have more we will not be happy until we have it, the world also tells us hey your problems are not your fault they are caused by someone else. So how do I/we change well first it will be hard because we have been living this way for quite awhile and the world view is in front of us every day but here is what I will try. I am going to change my way of thinking and take more responsibility for some things in my life one of these being hey life is not so bad so enjoy what you have, next if I am mad at someone realize they did not make me mad I allowed myself to get mad and most importantly put more trust in God above and let him guide me through not only the rough spots but also enjoy his presence in the good times and realize that He is always there through the good and the bad. So I guess that is enough for now and hopefully in the future I will be writing more about how these changes have altered my life and hopeful by changing my life I will be able to make others lives a little better.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So here come the feelings again, feelings of am I really living the way I should be would I be happier with less. Why does it seem every where I look I see reminders that to be successful you must have bigger and bigger things and even more distressing than that is that I buy into this way of thinking. I know we need certain things to survive like food, clothes and shelter but what about all the excess we have why do we put so much value in it and judge a persons own worth on how much they have. I know I am just as bad as everyone else when it comes to these things I mean I have a nice home, nice cars, XM radio, Ipod, Computers,DVD's and other nice little gadgets and feel I really need them and when I do not have them feel lost. What would happen if I woke up one day and it was all gone all that I had left was family, friends and the basic needs in life. No more big house but a small one a different car electronics gone would I be a lesser person, well no but I think some people would definitely look at me different and some may not even look at me anymore. So what am I trying to say here in this ramble, have I gone over the deep end, finally lost it, cracked of gone coo coo for coco puffs, well not yet. What is happening is a change in the way I look at life and see what is important and what I should value. this change has been going on over the last few years and seems to be changing me slowly but surely. Is it growing older that is changing me or am I finally realizing who I am and who I should be or maybe a little of both I am not sure, but the one thing I am sure of is that it feels right and plan on trying not to fight it but let the change occur. well ther ramble is over for now but more is to come because I see things looking brighter and happier in my future.

Monday, June 05, 2006

So yesterday I was at my sons commencement and one of the address bothered me a little because it revolved around how much more money they can make with a college education. Now let me first of all say I understand the importance of higher education and have recently returned to college myself to acquire a degree but not for financial reasons. I returned to better equip myself to work in a ministry role. No big money ideas just wanting to try and make the world a little better place for each of us to live. Think of what type a world we would be living in if we talked more about this with today's youth than making more money, I think we would definitely see a better world. I know there are a lot of people who hear this and think, great another dreamer who thinks the world should be full of love and puppy dogs and all that cute stuff and has no idea what happens in the real world. Well I do understand what happens in the real world and know that by myself cannot change it but if I can make a few lives a little better and those individuals make a few lives better we as a collection of humans can make the world a better place. Well enough for now. Peace and see ya

Friday, June 02, 2006

So here it is my first post on this site. Well life has not been so bad lately except for all the freakin "transition" as we like to call it. People moving out of my life and moving on but I now see that this gives the opportunity for new people to move into my life and make new friendships and at the same time continue the old ones from a distance. Change or "transition" is really strange at first we are like no I do not want this to happen then boom we see that it has brought some good and that our lives will be enhanced by the change. I have to admit though even with knowing things will work out change still sucks at first and it is hard but seeing the end result is like seeing the sun after weeks of clouds, life brightens back up and we start to grow again from basking in the sunlight. Well enough for now. Peace out and grace to all.