Friday, June 02, 2006

So here it is my first post on this site. Well life has not been so bad lately except for all the freakin "transition" as we like to call it. People moving out of my life and moving on but I now see that this gives the opportunity for new people to move into my life and make new friendships and at the same time continue the old ones from a distance. Change or "transition" is really strange at first we are like no I do not want this to happen then boom we see that it has brought some good and that our lives will be enhanced by the change. I have to admit though even with knowing things will work out change still sucks at first and it is hard but seeing the end result is like seeing the sun after weeks of clouds, life brightens back up and we start to grow again from basking in the sunlight. Well enough for now. Peace out and grace to all.

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