Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This past weekend I Finally was able to get the breath of fresh air I needed. I was able to visit with some old friends and make new acquaintances and enjoy a wonderful discussion about the Kingdom of God and share what has been going on in my life and my journey with God. I have felt more rested and at ease over the last few days and know it was because I was finally able to get a few things out that I have been holding in for a long time. I once again have a clear picture of what God wants me to do for Him to serve His Kingdom. well that's it for now peace to all and God Bless or should it be Bless God.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Another work week just about over and I am ready for it to end. This has been one of those weeks again with extra stress that is really not needed but I have come to realize that every place has the problems we do and I have started to deal with it a little better. Today I am excited though because I am going to Marion for an Emergent Church meeting at Craig's and staying over to watch the Colts on Saturday. Josh and I will be taking off around 4:15 and I look forward to the discussion on the way their and during the gathering but most of all it will be nice to see Craig and Joy. I am also looking forward to Sunday night, I love playing the music during worship time it really is my time to connect on a different level and that really is what gets me through the week. Well enough for now back to work.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Once again I remind myself that life is not so bad after all. Recently I have been going back to my old ways of worrying about what I felt where significant problems in my life and once I really took time to think them through found them not only to be small but not worth the worry. So what did I learn, with all of it's inperfections and rocky roads my life is pretty darn good and God has truly blessed me and continues to do so.

Friday, January 05, 2007

It has been so long since my last post and life has seemed to be so hetic and at times I just wanted to jump of this ride we call life but it would not slow down enough for me to do so. I was getting in a rut my whole life was work,school and Church every day and night brought something to do but things calmed down and this past month I finally got back to relaxing and seeing the great joys in my life. Mary and I spent a week in California exploring the San Diego area and I spent most of the last four days just walking on the beach and reconnecting with God and myself. That was one area I had really let slip I was so busy with all life was throwing at me I forgot who makes all I do possible and those days on the beach really helped and where needed. So now I move on to a new year refreshed and ready to go but this year I plan on taking more time to enjoy life and all the great gifts it brings. The picture is one I took on the beach in Coronado at the Hotel Del.