Friday, January 05, 2007

It has been so long since my last post and life has seemed to be so hetic and at times I just wanted to jump of this ride we call life but it would not slow down enough for me to do so. I was getting in a rut my whole life was work,school and Church every day and night brought something to do but things calmed down and this past month I finally got back to relaxing and seeing the great joys in my life. Mary and I spent a week in California exploring the San Diego area and I spent most of the last four days just walking on the beach and reconnecting with God and myself. That was one area I had really let slip I was so busy with all life was throwing at me I forgot who makes all I do possible and those days on the beach really helped and where needed. So now I move on to a new year refreshed and ready to go but this year I plan on taking more time to enjoy life and all the great gifts it brings. The picture is one I took on the beach in Coronado at the Hotel Del.

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