Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well I just got back from Delbarton WV a small town of about 450 people and what a wonderful experience it was. I was there with a group of 10 teenagers and 4 other adults from our Church and about 50 people from others Churches on a mission trip with Youth Works. Once again serving on a mission trip opened my eyes to Gods wonderful glory and allowed me to serve other as Jesus did and at the same time as serving them I was served myself by seeing a world that so often is not seem We have a tendency in this country to forget about those who live in poverty or do not have some of life's basic necessities like plenty of food and clothing because it is easier to pull a curtain over them and hide there existence than it is to face them and deal with their problems. One thing that really amazed me about this area besides it's beauty was seeing a run down trailer or house and right next to it a mansion. How can this bee poverty living right next to wealth but the question that kept bothering me was goes the wealth even realize the poverty is right next door or does the huge fence around them block their view of their neighbors troubles. As always though I was amazed by how much these people care and love everyone and how we may seem them as poor but they act and feel as rich as Bill Gates and to me this even makes it more apparent that money is not happiness but love is happiness and since God is love you can definitely see God living amongst these people and through these people. Well enough of a rant for now. Peace and love to all.