Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So it has been awhile since I put anything up here which means things have either been really busy, boring or I have been lazy and it is probably the latter. Things have really been pretty good lately just going through the same day to day problems but I have realized that we all have problems and it is just not a Kent thing but that's just a part of life thing and how we choose to handle them is what makes the difference. Since my last post a lot has happened though, another friend moved away and our new youth pastors family was in a wreck while moving to Lafayette from Alabama. Craig moving was hard and I will really miss him and his family but Jim our new Senior Pastor seems to be a good person and a great fit to our Church family who will continue what Craig started and lead us forward. On the subject of the new guy I have had this strange feeling or should I say emotion since we have been using "the wheel of emotions" as our sermon plan. The feeling I have had is one of not being loyal to Craig by accepting Jim so quick kind of like I am betraying him or something but I know that is just crazy and that he would want us to move on but I just feel funny about it. On to Jeff and his family, luckily they are fine except for a couple of broken collar bones and bruises but things could of been a lot worse but they found out real quick how much they can count on us as a new Church family and I think as a group we did a pretty good job. The rest of my life has been pretty good just getting ready for the mission trip and dealing with life's daily bumps in the road. Regarding the mission trip things are coming together and I think the team members who are lagging a little behind will be fine and hopefully the veterans will pick them up and carry them a little to get them up to speed and make this a great experience for all. So enough for now, peace and blessings to all.

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