Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yet another change

Man what a year it has been with regards to change for me. since last August I have had 3 jobs taken away from me. The first was last year when the place I had worked at for 18 years was closed by the group that had purchased us 2 years prior and ran it in to the ground. The second was a Youth Ministry job that was part-time and after 8 months it also ended after what we will call a difference in beliefs and ideas for direction of the ministry. Now the place I had been at since my past employer closed has let me go due to financial problems. So 18 years at one place and now 3 job losses in one year talk about a blow to your self esteem. Now with all that out of the way I once again have seen how God takes care of us and truly does not close a door without opening a window. I have had a new opportunity placed before me in the form of a job and even though the next year will be rough for us financially because I will be making considerably less in the long run it will be better for me and my family because of all this company has to offer. I have to admit it is scary making such a change but I know it is time for it to happen. For the last 19 years I have worked in health care ((eye care) and it has always been somewhat unstable and especially the last 10 years or so sometimes wandering if I would get a paycheck and always wandering if the place would close, not to mention no real retirement benefits or ability to move upward. Now I will be working for a fortune 500 company with stability, retirement benefits and advancement opportunities. So here is to this new segment of my life and seeing where it takes me and like I said earlier I have definitely learned that God does have a plan for my life even when it seems like things are falling apart. So my advice. When you here that door slam look for the window that has just opened and through it you will see the great things God has put in front of you.

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Jeff Greathouse said...

hey there buddy.

hope all is well and that you are getting some rest in the midst of allthe changes.

you are in my thoughts and prayers over here in ohio.