Friday, August 08, 2008

Great Read

I just finished reading this a couple of weeks ago and loved it. David Gregory has done it once again using descriptions of his characters, figures and events to tell a wonderful story just like he has in the past with Dinner with A Perfect Stranger and Day With a Perfect Stranger. This tale of a young man named Logan who is fresh out of college and looking for a job who applies at Universal Systems and meets the CEO and is offered a position that is his dream job of being a organizational analyst. His assignment? Evaluate each of the 5 levels of the company and report back to the CEO. On each level he finds something different but also they have something in common they all seem to be missing the point of the company and none of them make a profit and this continues until he reaches the 5th level . This is a book for anyone looking for answers about what God is calling them to do. Each of the 5 levels represents a level of faith, and how things such as legalism, apathy, and denominational differences get is the way of Gods purpose for are life and in my opinion he nails a lot problems right on the head. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone searching for Gods purpose in life without a deep theological base.

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