Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So what a day it has been. Mary had her carpal tunnel surgery today and has been having a lot of pain and i have been up since 5:30 this morning and feel about dead. This week has been pretty good though even though I found out I will not be getting the YP job at the Church I still have a real good shot at doing a part-time YP at Crestview and even though it would be hard leaving CUMC I feel I need to go where God calls me to be. In reality this would be better for me because it will allow me to fulfill my obligations that I have made for the time being and in the future has the potential to go full time and the extra money will help pay for schooling. Once again god has revealed a little more of His plan to me and it seems to be what is best for me at the present time. another hard part about this is keeping it silent from the kids because i do not want to upset them but as soon as I find out I will seek Gods and good friends direction on how to tell them. Well enough for now I know no one else probably never sees this but it helps me just to type things out and get them out of my head.

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