Sunday, August 19, 2007

I hope life slows down a little.

So much has been going on in my life oer the past year or so it seems like everyday brings change or something else to drain me. Just a little recap. I have had good friends move away, my place of employment for 17 years closed, I started a new job in an office that is just opening my wife has had carpal tunnel surgery and Saturday had an emergency appendectomy, I started as part time youth pastor and in doing so left the the Church I had been working with youth as a volunteer for 7 years and now another school years is starting for me. As I look back on all these things some of them have really wore me down and others have been dreams come true. i have learned a lot from these things about myself and the great people God has blessed with me in my life and also know that what I have gone through is nothing compared to the trials a lot of people face every day. So with all that said I just want a few months of no change and no health issues for my family, I really need the rest.

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Jeff Greathouse said...

I pray that you find that rest. I have been resting for the last 6 weeks, even though I have begun this new adventure and it has done wonders.